Fair-use Rules and Guidelines 📜

  • #1 Spamming

    Spamming Bot commands in any unfair way possible.

  • #2 Raiding

    Using bot to Raid or create Chaos in any server in any way possible.

  • #3 Alting

    Using more than 1 account for Economy/Event purposes.

  • #4 Macro-ing

    Using Auto-typers, Auto-bots or Scripts of any Shape or Form.

  • #5 Soliciting Reps/Coins

    Don't indule yourself in it 💀

  • #6 Trading for IRL/Different Bot Currency

    Self-explanatory, don't do that.

  • #7 Sending TOS-Breaking DMs

    Abusing DM Command to send Unsolicited, NSFW, Un-safe or unnecessary DMs.

  • #8 Promoting Hate

    Indulging in any sort of Toxicity, Hate, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, etc IS NOT allowed using Bot.

  • #9 Scamming

    Please don't attempt Duping any User in any Shape or form whatsoever. Please be Morally responsible!

  • #10 Abusing Bugs

    If you report a bug, depending on the intensity you shall be rewarded beautifully. While on the other hand if you decide to Abuse it, it'll even in Vain 🙂