Patrol Bot Commands


Commands List

eatassWhen you wanna eat someone's butt!!eatass @username
beerShare a beer with someone!beer @username
biteBite someone!!bite @username
bloodsuckSuck someone's blood!!bloodsuck @username
boohooUsed when you don't care about what other person said!boohoo @username
boopBoop someone!boop @username
brofistBrofist a buddy!!brofist @username
cakeFeed or throw cake at someone!!cake @username
chokeChoke someone!!choke @username
cringeWhen somebody is being cringe!!cringe @username
cuddlecuddle someone!!cuddle @username
cumejaculate on someone!cum @username
dapdap up with someone!!dap @username
fistFist someone (NSFW)!fist @username
fondleFondle someone's mammaries consensually ofc!!fondle @username
groomgroom kids!!groom @user
handshakeShake someone's hands!!handshake @username
highfivehigh five someone!!highfive @username
holdhandshold someone's hands!!holdhands @username
hugHug someone!!hug @username
kisskiss someone!!kiss @username
lickLick someone!!lick @username
missWhen you miss someone!miss @username
nomeat someone!!nom @username
nuzzlenuzzle someone!!nuzzle @username
patpat someone!!pat @username
pissPiss on someone like a boss!piss @username
rihannaBeat someone up!!rihanna @username
saluteSalute someone!!salute @username
slapSlap someone!!slap @username
smashSmash someone, someone's somethin!smash @username
spankspank someone!!spank @username
spitspit on someone!!spit @username
stoneStone someone to death!!stone @username
tickleticle someone!!tickle @username
touchTouch someone sensually!!touch @username
birbPost a picture of a bird or send it to whoever you want!!birb
bunnyShows an image of a bunny. Not the playboy one :(!bunny
catPost a picture of a cute cat or send it to whoever you want!!cat
chonkerLook at a hecking cute chonker 😻!!chonker
dogPost a picture of a cute dog or send it to whoever you want!!dog
duckPost a picture of a duck or send it to whoever you want!!duck
foxPost a picture of a cute fox or send it to whoever you want!!fox
furryI know you wanna look at some HOT furry stuff!furry
koalaPost a picture of a Koala or send it to whoever you want!!koala
pandaPost a picture of a fluff panda!!panda
raccoonShows an image of a raccoon!!raccoon
shibeShows an image of a cute Shibe, maybe even lord Cheems!!shibe
cr-colorChange your custom role color!!cr-color @Role [Hex Code]
cr-listShows the list of all Custom roles along with their owners!cr-list
cr-nameChange your custom role name!cr-name @Role [New Name]
crGive a Custom role to a member with full access to change it's name or color!!cr @rolename @User
balanceshows the balance of patrol coins!balance <@someone>
coinflipbet patrol coins on a coinflip!cf <heads/tails> <bet> @user
crimecommit a crim to get patrol coin!crime
dailycollect coins everyday!daily
depositdeposit coins to bank!deposit /all
dicerollbet coins on a diceroll!diceroll <1-6> <bet>
givegive someone an item!give <item name> @User <quantity>
infoshows information about an item!info item/badge <Item/Badge Name>
inventoryshows your inventory!inventory
jackpotstart a jackpot with coins!jackpot <bet>/start
leaderboardshows the leaderboard of coin owners!lb xp/coins/bank or lb global xp/coins
pokepoke someone to get coins!poke @username
praypray to horny go to get coins!pray
robrob someone of thier coins!rob @user
roulettebet coins on a roulette!roulette <bet> <call>
sellsell an item!sell <itemID/name> | <quantity>
shopopen the patrol coin shop!shop <itemID/name> | <quantity>
slot-machineGamble your money away on the Slot-machine!slots [bet]
taskgenerate tasks!tasks
tradetrade items!trade @User <name> <quantity>
transfertransfer itesm to someone!transfer @user <amount>
useuse an item from inventory!use <name> | <quantity>
weeklyget a mysetery box every week!weekly
withdrawwithdraw coins from bank!withdraw <amount>/all
workwork to get coins!work <job name>
50-50A 50/50 chance to see something wholesome or NSFW!50-50 dm/@User <dm>
8ball8ball will answer your questions!8b <Your Question>
lovemetershows your love for someone!lovemeter @User
asciiconvert text to ascii!ascii <Text>
asktrumptrump answers your questions!asktrump @Random-user || !asktrump My crippling depression
basedtells if you're based!based @User
cocksend someone your beautiful cock!cock @username
complimentcompliments you!compliment
cookiesend someone a cookie!cookie
crucifywith the help of 10 others, attempt to ban someone!crucify @Username
dadjoketells a dadjoke!dadjoke
dicksizetells your dick size!dicksize @user
fartfart on someone to deafen them!fart @user
fightfight someone to mute them!fight @Username || fight on/off [Premium]
gaymetertells how gay your feeling!gaymeter @user
hornymetertells how horny you are!hornymeter @user
memeshows a meme!meme
roastroasts you!roast
rpsplay rock, paper, scissors!rps
russian-rouletteparticipate in a game of russian roulette with 1/6th chance of a ban!russian-roulette
snapsnap messages from existence!snap
thotmetertells how mucb of a thot you are!thotmeter @user
urbansearch the urban dictionary for meanings of words!urban <word>
waifumetertells how much of a waifu u are!waifumeter @user
foodpornshows appeasing pictures of food!foodporn
kanyetells a random quote by kanye!kanye
ttsconvert text to speech!tts <@User> <Message>
bugreportReport a bug to bot dev!bugreport [issue]
colorFetches a random color hex code. Good for finding a color for roles!!color #ffff00
commandsReturns all commands, or one specific info!cmd <command name>
emojiWanna get a bigger version or the link of any custom emoji you like? Use this!!emoji <CustomeEmote>
emotelistView all emojis in the guild!emotelist
helpReturns all commands, or one specific info!help <command name>
inviteGive you link to Invite the bots to your server!invite
pingShows bot's current ping and latency!!ping
prefixDisplays server prefix!!prefix
premium🤑 To see all Premium features Patrol Bot offers to it's Special users ✨!premium
randomcolorFetches a random color hex code. Good for finding a color for roles!!randomcolor
rulesShows information about Patrol bot fair-use rules!!rules
updatesDMs you all the information about the last Patrol Bot Update!!updates
uptimeDisplays bot's current uptime!!uptime
fightlbTo see who has the highest W/L fight ratio on Discord!fightlb
calculatorGet the answer to a math problem!calculator <Variable 1> <Symbol> <Variable 2>
confessConfess some deep dark secrets of yours!confess
countdownStarts a countdown!countdown <Time>
esnipeUsed to fetch the last few updated message in any channel!!esnipe <1/2/3> [Which will determine the position of updated message]
fPay your respect!f <statement>
gifGet a gif of your choice!gif <name>
pollThis is your basic 👍-👎 poll command!poll <query>
randombanRandomly bans 1 person from your whole server!randomban
randomkickRandomly kicks 1 person from your whole server!randomkick
reminderSet a reminder for yourself or someone else (If you're an Admin)!reminder <time> <Reminder>
snipeUsed to fetch the last few deleted message in any channel
!snipe <1/2/3> [Which will determine the position of deleted message]
suicideKick yourself out of the server!suicide
topicRan out of topics to talk about? Let me give you one!topic
toxicSee how toxic what you said was!toxic <word/phrase>
weatherroasts you!weather <location>
25daysCollect the Daily Free prizes celebrating the Holiday SZN & beautiful Month of Giving!!25days
cbattleBattle it out with Santa's Minions and then Big Bad Santa and topple his Corrupt Slave Regime! Find out the person pulling the Strings!!battle
cdailyGet some snowballs, Fireballs, Candy Canes, Healing Hearts, and Shields once a day!!cdaily
flipGamble your Christmas Inventory in hopes of doubling your rewards!flip <Item Name> | <Quantity>
cgiveTransfer your Christmas items with friends !cgive @User <Item Name> | <Quantity>
digCollect Snowballs for your snowman or occasionally get some rare items to help you fight the Evil Snow Corp!dig
shakeCollect Snowballs and strengthen your Snowman to fight against the Evil Snow Corp!shake
snowmanView information about your Snowman, Christmas Inventory and Event Progress!snowman
eventShows all the information about an on-going bot event!!event
addroleA role utility command!addrole <name> #HexColor
banbans the member!ban <id | mention>
channeladdAdd any user/bot in any channel individually!cadd <ChannelName/ID> @Users
channelremoveremove any user/bot from any channel individually!cremove <ChannelName/ID> @Users
delroleA role utility command!delrole @RoleNameOrID
dethroneUsed to take a certain role from someone but in a more chaotic and emotional way. Should be used only on occassions on demotions, etc!dethrone @UserID @RoleName
dmDM a user in the guild!dm @User <Your message>
forcebanBAN someone quick!hakai @user
forcekickKick someone out quick!forcekick @user
kickUsed to Kick a member out of the server!kick @Username/ID
mentionableToggle if a role should be mentionable by everyone or not!mentionable @Role True/False
nickChange anyone's nickname!setnick @Target <NewNick>
crownUsed to give a certain role to someone but in a more glorious and grander way. Should be used only on occassions on promotions or special feats!crown @UserID @RoleNameOrID
purgeThe most powerful purge command you'll ever need!!p <number of messages to be deleted>
roleUsed to give/take a certain role from someone!role @User/UserID RoleName/RoleID
saySay's whatever you want the bot to say!!say <msg> || say embed <msg>
slowmodeSet the slowmode for the channel! (In seconds)e :)!slowmode {Number of seconds} <Reason>
createnotesCreate a pasta, not the italian one!createnotes <word> <Note to be shown everytime the "word" is called>
deletenotesDelete a pre-saved note from you!deletenote <word>
editnotesEdit a note that you previously made!editnotes <word> <Note to be updated>
infonotesShows all the background information of any saved note!infonotes <word>
notesShows the saved note!notes <word>
bancountSee the total number of bans in your server!bancount
iconGet Server Icon!icon
membercountSee the total number of members in your server!membercount
membersSee the total number of people with a certain role in your server!members @RoleName/RoleID
reportIs anyone bothering you my Queen? Report him! [You need to set up a report channel first!]!report @username <reason>
rolecolorChange the color of any existing role to anything else!rolecolor @RoleName/RoleID <hex code>
roleinfogives information about the role!profile @user
allrolesSee the total number of roles in your server!allroles
serverinfoShow important information about your server!!serverinfo
stealemojiSteal any emoji from a different server!stealemoji <emoji> <custom name>
chibiTurn this setting ON if you want to reduce the size of Action Commands Embeds to bare minimum!chibi on/off
family-friendlyTurn this setting on if you want your server to not be able to use or find any NSFW Commands!family-friendly on/off
setconfessionsSet a confessions channel for your server!!setconfession #channel
setmodSet a weekly Mod Votes channel for your server!!setmods #channel
setmuteCreate the Muted role!!setmute
setreportSet a report channel for your server!!setreports #channel
setrolesSet commands to be used by only a specific roles audience!!setroles <Option>
setsimpSet a weekly simp votes channel for your server! Type: '!setsimp off'!setsimp #channel
settopicChange/set any channels topic!channel-topic <channel> <topic>
togglecmdTurn on/off any command to work in your server!!togglecmd [Command]
afkSet your AFK[Away from Keyboard] status whenever you are AFK!afk <reason>
avatarGet your or somebody else's profile picture!av @user
delcapClear a user's avatar caption!delcap
dmsTurn DMs from bot ON/OFF!dms ON/OFF
marryMarry someone and tie yourself in a beautiful, holy and pure e-relationship. Amen!marry @user
posShow's a member's Join Position!pos
profileCheck your profile!profile @user
redeemRedeem your Patrol Giftcodes here to get some nice rewards!redeem <Code>
seenCheck when a user was last seen! Paranoid GF typa beat!seen @user
setcaptionSet a caption to be shown everytime someone !av your pfp!setcap <caption>
setdescriptionSet a description to be shown everytime your profile is fetched!setdesc <Any Description>
whoisTo find the user information!whois @user
demodvoteReduce a Mod's MOTW votes!!demodvote @user
derepReduce anyone's Reps :)!derep @user
desimpHelp someone who's wrongfully called a simp!desimp @user
modlbTo see who's the most loved Moderator of this server or whole discord!modlb
modvoteAre the mods FINALLY not gay and you wanna get that one favorite mod of yours that presitigous weekly crown!? Use this!modvote @user
modvotesCheck yours or another Moderator's total Mod vote counts!modvotes / !modvotes @user
repGive a reputation to someone who you like!rep @user
replbTo see who's the most reputed person on Discord!!replb
repsCheck yours or a user's total reps!reps / !reps @user
simpIs someone being a simp? I think you should use this for him!simp @user
simplbTo see who's da biggest simp on server atm!sotw
simpvotesCheck yours or a user's total simp vote counts!simpvotes / !simpvotes @user
voteridWanna start voting for your Favorite Mods, Simps or just a reputation to your good buddy? Grab one :)!voterid