Items 🔮

Patrol Bot Items Information

Coin Bag

• A Bag full of coins

Coin Bag X

• A bag full of more coins than usual

Coin Bag XXX

• The coin bag for kings.


• Will look fancy on a thief 🙈


• Your ONLY true friend

Snitch Demon

• Your ONLY true friend but he looks Satanic, what's up with that?

Iron Lock

• Protects your wallet

Gold Lock

• Protects your wallet pretty hard ngl

Titanium Lock

• 50 protections from rob seems a bit of an overkill, come on now!

Iron Key

• Open Wallet Locks

Gold Key

• Opens Wallet Locks pretty nicely

Titanium Key

• Don't you hate those Damn Locks, yeah It can help for sure 😏

Weekly Skip

• Helps you skip any weekly mission

Monthly Skip

• Helps you skip any monthly mission

Hero of Soviet Union

• Awarded for Heroic feats in service to the Soviet State and Society 🙌

Cum Chalice

• Only the legends have ever been able to hold one of these...

Dragon Ball 1

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 2

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 3

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 4

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 5

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 6

• So shiny!

Dragon Ball 7

• So shiny!

Premium 1D

• Oh you wanna know about Premium perks?

Premium 7D

• Oh you wanna know about Premium perks?

Premium 1M

• Oh you wanna know about Premium perks?

Soft Boiled Egg

• This might just break in your hand if you hold it too long

Medium Boiled Egg

• Just from the looks of it, this doesn't seem Edible

Hard Boiled Egg

• Tons have tried to break it over the centuries but only few succeeded...

Growth Vial

• Small amount of a purple Liquid which smells pungent

Growth Serum

• This was made after years of extensive research by Scientiests whose best intentions are still not known to this day

Mystery Box 1

• Looks kinda mysterious innit? Wonder what it holds ☕

Mystery Box 2

• Oh f*ck, this is even more mysterious...

Mystery Box 3

• Okay so you're saying this is the peak of all Boxes? Right...?

Mystery Box X

• Where the F-CK this Mystery box come from now⁉

Mystery Box XL

• XL ???? Box X but for Larger people??? I smell fatophobia


• Fresh outta oven!


• Banana.


• Snowball fight equipment

Prayer Rug

• Praying on this seems worth it, don't you think?

Crystal Meth

• Seems pretty fragile and definitely not a drug


• Doesn't seems like something you should use 🥶

Discord Nitro

• Discord Nitro subcription for 1 Month

Gambling Club Card

• Keep a track of all your Gambling History and Transactions